ircount : update

One Sunday morning in January this year I got an email sent automatically from the webhosting company. It contained the output of the script that ran weekly, when all ran fine the script produced no output. When something went wrong the error messages were emailed to me. Judging by the length of the email something big had gone wrong.

The script collected data from – to be used as this weeks ‘number of records’ for each repository.

The reason became clear quickly. A major revamp to ROAR had just been launch, showing off a new interface, which used the Eprints software as a platform (essential a repository or repositories). This was a great leap forward but unfortunately removed the simple text file I used to collect the data, and what was more, the IDs for each IR had changed.

I finally got around to fixing this in May. The most fiddly bit was linking the data I collected now with the data I already had. This involved matching URLs and repository names.

Anyways. Things should be more or less as they were. A few little tweaks have been added. A few bugs still remain.

As ever you can view the code and changes here:

And checkout the svn here:

ircount can be found here: