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Today Talis announced they are moving their focus away from Linked Data. I think my initial reaction, which I tweeted, holds true: this is on similar lines to Microsoft announcing plans to move away from Windows. Earlier this year I was at an event where I bumped in to two people from Talis. The one…

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MARC Tools & MARC::Record errors

I know next to nothing about MARC,though being a shambrarian I have to fight it sometimes. My knowledge is somewhat binary, absolutely nothing for most fields/subfields/tags but ‘fairly ok’ for the bits I’ve had to wrestle with. [If you don’t know that MARC21 is an ageing bibliographic metadata standard, move on. This is not the blog post you’re looking…

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Jisc bid writing

Today I submitted a JISC bid on behalf of a team, as part of the recent JISC call Infrastructure for Education and Research (’15/10′ to its friends). The call was actually a set of broadly related different strands, we submitted (with a whole 30 mins to spare) under a strand called Infrastructure for Resource Discovery,…

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Talis Aspire, checking if a course has a list

Talis Aspire is a new-ish Reading List system used at the University of Sussex Library. On Aspire, a url for a Department looks like this: A page for a course looks like this (for course l6061): The nice thing is that you can replace the ‘.html’ with .json or .rdf – while the…

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ircount : update

One Sunday morning in January this year I got an email sent automatically from the webhosting company. It contained the output of the script that ran weekly, when all ran fine the script produced no output. When something went wrong the error messages were emailed to me. Judging by the length of the email something big had gone wrong.…

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Summon @ Huddersfield

I attended an event at Huddersfield looking at their and Northumberland’s experience of Summon. These are my rough notes. Take all with a pinch of salt. The day reaffirmed my view of Summon, it is ground breaking in the Library market, and with no major stumbling blocks. They are very aware that coverage is key…

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This isn’t a comprehensive review of dev8d, checkout the twitter stream (that link uses twapperkeeper by the way, the guy who created it was there and it was great talking to him), and wiki for and much else on the web for what went on.

ircount development

I’ve finally got around to spending a bit of time on the ircount code.

This post goes through some of the techy stuff behind it. If you’re just interested in features, I’m afraid there’s none yet, but you can now compare more than 4 repositories, but that’s as far as you’ll want to read.