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Broadband speed test

Utterly¬†unscientific, but who ever you are, please spend a few minutes filling out this form about broadband speed. You can choose which broadband speed test site you use, and if you have time perhaps repeat the test with a different site (with enough data we can spot if certain test sites report higher/lower speeds compared…

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I’ve got the other place (here or here) for random ill-thought musings. But today I decided to put one here. Hi-Fi < vaguely interesting background story with slight element of personal touch> I left University in 1999. Having been in full time work before I had even finished my last term, and living in cheap shared accommodation, I…

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Wireless music

We live in a mega techno wonderland of always on, access anywhere, hands-free, interconnected devices no? no. Not when it comes to a simple thing.

html5 and nostuff

It’s hard not to think of and not think of blazing web standards. So I had a go at updating the template for this here blog to make it all html5. Turns out this is quite simple. It seems you can probably just replace your doctype with <!DOCTYPE html> and you’ve got yourself a…

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This isn’t a comprehensive review of dev8d, checkout the twitter stream (that link uses twapperkeeper by the way, the guy who created it was there and it was great talking to him), and wiki for and much else on the web for what went on.

Twitter clients

From about an hour after signing up to Twitter until very recently I used Twirl on both PC and Mac as my Twitter client. I was happy with it, and still am, but had noticed people using other clients and wanted to see if I was missing anything. I round up my findings here…