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my ego is far too big

A little run

I’ll try and keep this short. Since leaving University 13 years a go I’ve been getting fatter. And generally not very healthy. It would be fair to say I started running to reduce the beer belly. Getting the runkeeper app was a key development; my endeavours went from occasionally trotting aimlessly for a little while…

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Tomorrow, Tuesday 14th February is the start of Dev8D 2012. A three day event for developers working in UK Higher Education. Which I am not really one, but don’t tell anybody and we should be ok. It’s an event that is on steroids : last time I went, my brain was pounded with more information…

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Meta : blogging

I know I’m guilty in so many ways at letting work/personal intermingle in so many ways but you can categories blog posts (and probably twitter to) as one of: I’ve done something I want to share; I’ve got a view/opinion on something, and the third, related to the second, I want to reflect on something (which this post probably falls under), and I like the idea of this blog reflecting those things no matter what subject they are about. … All comments are listed together under the link to the post on Google+, and everyone can see every comment even if they don’t follow the other person (unlike twitter and, probably (it’s too hard to understand) Facebook).


I’ve got the other place (here or here) for random ill-thought musings. But today I decided to put one here. Hi-Fi < vaguely interesting background story with slight element of personal touch> I left University in 1999. Having been in full time work before I had even finished my last term, and living in cheap shared accommodation, I…

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Top posts

For reasons that escape me, here are’s top hits Top Posts for 90 days ending 2010-10-05 (Summarized) Summarize: 7 Days 30 Days Quarter Year All Time 2010-07-07 to Today Title Views Top 20 UK Universities 905 Fun with Lisa 797 Home page 359 Top UK Universities : Combined Rankings 310 Summon @ Huddersfield 285…

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ircount development

I’ve finally got around to spending a bit of time on the ircount code.

This post goes through some of the techy stuff behind it. If you’re just interested in features, I’m afraid there’s none yet, but you can now compare more than 4 repositories, but that’s as far as you’ll want to read.

Google Reader – shared stuff

I’ve been using Google Reader for a while having jumped ship from Bloglines. One of its features is to share stuff. This is potentially a good thing as it avoids me bombarding my twitter followers with endless links to stuff i find interesting. At the moment it is useless as I don’t really follow anyone…

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2008 : under review

It takes someone with a grossly over inflated ego, and thinks their website is a trillion times more important than it actually is to try and write a review of the previous year. What sort of idiot does that, as if anyone will read it! Hello. Think of it as a school report, annual appraisal,…

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