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Elected Police Commissioners

Oh, and to add to the mix, we are getting a National Crime Agency soon as well – which will probably help with more complex crime, and potentially help the odd situation that the Metropolitan Police act both as the Police for London, and as a national force for serious incidents such as terrorism (even though Scotland proudly has a separate legal system and government it was the Met who dealt with the car bomb at Glasgow Airport). So, here are some links Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner website List of Candidates for Sussex The Home Office have set up choosemyPCC website – which is light on information, and has some dubious pictures of ‘scary people’ doing bad things – including smashing the glass of a phone booth, which I feel I should inform younger readers this was something of an issue in the eighties, but perhaps shows (a) how in touch the Home Office are (b) the sort of things they want us to be worried about police.uk has a nice site, which seems to have a similar feel to the new (and excellent) gov.uk .


At this time there is understandable anger, myself included, kids should not rule the streets, the Police should not be running scared, teenager should have some basic level of understanding that what they are doing will ruin people’s lives and hurt hard working people, and that the way you get material goods is to work – we do not have a right to them. … There were people on twitter I like and respect who would pick out every tweet accusing the Police of something bad and retweet it religiously (I should add, there were things such as kettling people late in to the night on a bridge which were little more than vindictive and I have serious issues with).

UK deficit and protest

It is not reassuring to read the ten above us are: Marshall Islands, West Bank, Gaza Strip, Eritrea, Bhutan, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Maldives. http://www.photius.com/rankings/economy/budget_deficit_pct_of_gdp_2010_0.html This Guardian Data Blog article shows we have the highest Deficit in Europe (click on the graphic to start the Many Eyes chart. http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2010/may/27/debt-deficit-oecd-countries-data They have also put the raw data in to a Google Speadsheet, see the second tab https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc? key=0AonYZs4MzlZbdDZsU2k2VEQ2elkwcnNDOTNHS3 This Telegraph article says we are the third worse in Europe after Greece and Ireland http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financialcrisis/7269629/Britains-deficit-third-worst-in-the-world-table.html Looking at time rather than other countries, this Guardian image shows very clearly that our deficit is worse than it has ever been but quite a way http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/photobylines/2011/2/22/1298400212637/Budget-deficits-graphic-008.jpg Again, a spreadsheet with the data: https://spreadsheets0.google.com/ccc?

Political reform : some quick thoughts

Suddenly PR is in the limelight and seems to be getting support from those disaffected by politics in the UK. I’ve long been pondering about how it is best to govern this country. Mainly about where power lies: The UK, nations, regions, counties, local councils, etc. Some thoughts: We need a Constitution. No “we’ve already…

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Voting time

I was hoping to write something insightful for the election. Time (well, laziness) has meant I shall spew some random thoughts instead… After the election has happened. Things that are important to me: Civil Liberties, privacy, and certain¬†fundamentals¬†of justice not being messed with on a whim. Reforming politics and government, in a slow and discussed…

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People power : twitter is highlighting & affecting important issues.

It is instantaneous, not just the web, but on computer twitter clients and phones, and messages are public by default (unlike many other social networking sites where they are restricted to a specific groups or trusted circle of friends). … Promised a lot, but was little more than muddy fields and a few fun fair (pay to use) rides, two santas (queue for hours, not allowed to take photos) and the odd tree with fairly lights, with staff who were untrained and the worst possible people to be interact with kids.

European Elections : June 4th

A quick post (my reader rejoices). European Elections are this Thursday. I wont bore you with my long winded thoughts on the EU, but it basically sums up as: conceptually a good idea, fundamentally broken. The world is changing, the big players include the likes of the US, China, India, Russia and Brazil. These all…

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Whale hunting terrorists

My Dearest Government, It is really quite simple. Sometimes you suggest things which will infringe our privacy and our rights. The average person will not like the idea of such things, but you will try and persuade us (and parliament) that they must happen for very good reason, and these laws will only be used…

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