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A little run

I’ll try and keep this short. Since leaving University 13 years a go I’ve been getting fatter. And generally not very healthy. It would be fair to say I started running to reduce the beer belly. Getting the runkeeper app was a key development; my endeavours went from occasionally trotting aimlessly for a little while…

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Elected Police Commissioners

Oh, and to add to the mix, we are getting a National Crime Agency soon as well – which will probably help with more complex crime, and potentially help the odd situation that the Metropolitan Police act both as the Police for London, and as a national force for serious incidents such as terrorism (even though Scotland proudly has a separate legal system and government it was the Met who dealt with the car bomb at Glasgow Airport). So, here are some links Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner website List of Candidates for Sussex The Home Office have set up choosemyPCC website – which is light on information, and has some dubious pictures of ‘scary people’ doing bad things – including smashing the glass of a phone booth, which I feel I should inform younger readers this was something of an issue in the eighties, but perhaps shows (a) how in touch the Home Office are (b) the sort of things they want us to be worried about has a nice site, which seems to have a similar feel to the new (and excellent) .

Brighton New England Quarter Photos

I don’t think we’re that good at recording the world we live in (photographs, sound) for future reference. The first question that can arise from that is: is it important? I like to think yes without being able to provide particularly good reasons why. In any case, I used to – and still – love…

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Brighton New England Quarter

A few years a go I created some new pages on the ‘New England Quater’, on the site of some old railway works next to Brighton station and near me. Originally the pages just had some photos of how the site looked before work started, and at various stages since (stupidly I normally took this…

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Newsagent wars

First of all, click on this (it may be Microsoft but it is more powerful than google maps, it pains me to write). Very near to me there is a newsagent . I like this, in fact it is one of the reasons why I chose to live here. 20 seconds away is also a…

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Brighton New council priorities

See this Argus article: New council leader spells out his party’s priorities, from the article: Review Labour’s plans for a rapid transport bus system while re-examining the monorail project Revisit the controversial school lottery scheme which has divided the city Push for underground car parks in new developments to ensure extra homes do not add…

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Brighton and Hove local elections

The Tory’s have a majority, but not overall control. How? Look around you and play spot the tory voter. Sure there are quite a few well off people, but vastly out numbered by those who look ‘brighton-ish’, students and others who just don’t look like tory voters (of course, plenty of the well off, business…

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FIP is basically the world’s best radio station. Fact. It plays a random mix of decent new music, jazz, classical, more cool music, with no adverts, or DJs, or anything except a news bulletin at the totally logical time of 50 minutes past the hour. Oh and the news bulletin is in French (language of…

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