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iplayer diary and a tool i was never going to use again

The first seems to be a running fiction series (no thanks), another talks about making chocolate mouse (which isn’t the same as eating them), and while I’m interested in things music related, mostly because I’m so ignorant of it – people talking about how a piece has changed them doesn’t really appeal (I’m guessing a couple met each other as a result of it, and someone from a ‘disadvantaged estate’ was destined for a life of crime until hearing it). … For example Factual (the place to go to for things like the chat/music/comedy/not-many-facts Loose Ends , The Bottom Line and Midweek ) is currently dominated by ” Everything you need to know about Cumbria’s day.”, ” All of Oxfordshire’s news, sport and essential information in one place.” and ” Digon o sgwrsio, cyngor, cerddoriaeth a chwerthin yn fyw o stiwdio Caerfyrddin yng nghwmni Iola Wyn. ” (ok, there was the odd national broadcast in there, the odd one, I didn’t have to point this out.

Google Street view

Depending on how you do it it can feel like you are rotating around the walls of the tunnel (when you first go to Street View, pull down, i.e. so that normally in Street View you would be pulling down to move the camera up to look at the sky, you should then see the tunnel ahead, you can then drag along the top, or bottom, of the screen from left to right, or use the compass in the top left) You might well have realised what it is. You can try using Street view a little to the right of the pin in the map where the junction is with what looks like a cul-de-sac, and then move towards the tunnel for an idea of what has happened here.

TwaperKeeper archives

While I only attended their conference for the first time this year, it seems I was the person who originally created a TwapperKeeper archive, you can access the document by clicking the link (and if you’re signed in to Google Docs you can save a copy etc), note you need to click the archive tab at the bottom. – again nothing really to do with me, but an archive of tweets mentioning (again, click the archive worksheet tab at the bottom) bcb4 – Barcamp Brighton 4. … Not only did the twitter archives of this event, held at Sussex last year, almost disappear, but the website originally on ning has already gone with the dodo. nickcleggsfault – during the run up to the election the Lib Dems looks like they may come a respectable third place rather than a distant third place.

Meta : blogging

I know I’m guilty in so many ways at letting work/personal intermingle in so many ways but you can categories blog posts (and probably twitter to) as one of: I’ve done something I want to share; I’ve got a view/opinion on something, and the third, related to the second, I want to reflect on something (which this post probably falls under), and I like the idea of this blog reflecting those things no matter what subject they are about. … All comments are listed together under the link to the post on Google+, and everyone can see every comment even if they don’t follow the other person (unlike twitter and, probably (it’s too hard to understand) Facebook). suites me just just fine

About a month a go I wrote a quick rant about and why it could have been a sucessful web2.0 business (relatively low costs and lots of¬†opportunity¬†for advertising and pro/paid for features). At that time I said I was moving to, especially as’s future was being questioned at the time. This is…

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html5 and nostuff

It’s hard not to think of and not think of blazing web standards. So I had a go at updating the template for this here blog to make it all html5. Turns out this is quite simple. It seems you can probably just replace your doctype with <!DOCTYPE html> and you’ve got yourself a…

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Adverts that follow you

Now one of these days I will finally get my ‘moving flat’ epic published, in the mean time you can read my how to buy a property guide. It really is worth every penny. Part of this process involves buying a sofa which doesn’t suck as much as my current sofa. Of course, I’m doing…

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Mystery Solved

We recently (well, last summer) launched Aquabrowser as our main library catalogue. We provided a feedback link for people to comment on the new interface, as we were keen to pick up on functionality it lacked or issues we may not have thought off. You can see the feedback link on the green bar on…

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Twitter clients

From about an hour after signing up to Twitter until very recently I used Twirl on both PC and Mac as my Twitter client. I was happy with it, and still am, but had noticed people using other clients and wanted to see if I was missing anything. I round up my findings here…