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iplayer diary and a tool i was never going to use again

The first seems to be a running fiction series (no thanks), another talks about making chocolate mouse (which isn’t the same as eating them), and while I’m interested in things music related, mostly because I’m so ignorant of it – people talking about how a piece has changed them doesn’t really appeal (I’m guessing a couple met each other as a result of it, and someone from a ‘disadvantaged estate’ was destined for a life of crime until hearing it). … For example Factual (the place to go to for things like the chat/music/comedy/not-many-facts Loose Ends , The Bottom Line and Midweek ) is currently dominated by ” Everything you need to know about Cumbria’s day.”, ” All of Oxfordshire’s news, sport and essential information in one place.” and ” Digon o sgwrsio, cyngor, cerddoriaeth a chwerthin yn fyw o stiwdio Caerfyrddin yng nghwmni Iola Wyn. ” (ok, there was the odd national broadcast in there, the odd one, I didn’t have to point this out.

BBC Three

In 2003 I got a freeview box. I got good reception. I could see the transmitter from my window. BBC One or Two had being running ‘BBC Three takeover’ sessions, with several BBC Three programmes in a row. They were good. It’s not fashionable to say that nowadays. In its early days it was innovative,…

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naughty boys and lots of sheep

I Don’t normally write about this sort of thing, but this is crazy. Trying to ascertain the facts is almost impossible, even though supposed quality broadsheets have written huge amounts about it. So what happened? Russell Brand has an evening radio show on Radio 2. This is pre-recorded (really? every week? this is the biggest…

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Today’s new thing: LRB

Apparently the London Review of Books isn’t a London based magazine which reviews books. I say this not as a joke, oh you cultral ones. I really do think it is justified of me to presume a publication called London Review of Books is actually a review of sodding books. Apparently it is not. Apparently…

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BBC Newswatch

BBC Newswatch was set up after the Hutton whitewash inquiry as a place to monitor and feedback on BBC News. It seems that recently it has had a bit of a slimming down, with many parts of the site being reduced to ‘nothing to see here‘ messages. However, by following just one link from the…

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FIP is basically the world’s best radio station. Fact. It plays a random mix of decent new music, jazz, classical, more cool music, with no adverts, or DJs, or anything except a news bulletin at the totally logical time of 50 minutes past the hour. Oh and the news bulletin is in French (language of…

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