Amazon : censor reviews of the high arts

Yesterday I posted a link to the reviews page of Katie Price and Peter Andre‘s A whole new world.

In what can only be proof that Jeff Bezos himself is reading my blog on a daily, no – i correct myself – hourly basis, not a day later all the reviews have been deleted. Of course, the arts have always suffered censorship at the hands of facist governments and evil corporations. It’s something we live with, but with just a touch of pride that such dark work was all down to my own little hands typing away on this here web-experience.

Where was I? ah yes, google cache. My darling google cache. I could only get a few. It seems the ‘show next page of reviews’ link on amazon’s site links to the same URL of the page you are on. So using ‘cache:[URL]’ didn’t work on the rest of the comment pages. But I still got a few. Weirdly, looking at different cache results I got different versions of the first page (3 of them actually).

For the time being, the reviews that Jeff deleted (of course it was him) are just cut n paste in to a WordPress page, will try and do more later.