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Pinboard.in suites me just just fine

About a month a go I wrote a quick rant about Delicious.com and why it could have been a sucessful web2.0 business (relatively low costs and lots of¬†opportunity¬†for advertising and pro/paid for features). At that time I said I was moving to pinboard.in, especially as delicious.com’s future was being questioned at the time. This is…

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webpad : a web based text editor

So I have WordPress (and in fact Drupal, Joomla, mediawiki, Moodle, damn those Dreamhost 1-click installs) as a way of running my website. But there are still many pages which are outside of a content management system. Especially simple web app projects (such as ircount and stalisfield) and old html files. It can be a…

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