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Broadband speed test

Utterly¬†unscientific, but who ever you are, please spend a few minutes filling out this form about broadband speed. You can choose which broadband speed test site you use, and if you have time perhaps repeat the test with a different site (with enough data we can spot if certain test sites report higher/lower speeds compared…

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BBC News: BT broadband and Tiscali

BT seem to play on ‘the safe default choice for the nation’ image while charging high prices and miking it for all they can. For years they had ‘technical problems’ in letting anyone else put equipment in to the exhanges that got handed to them after privatisation. There were in the strange situation of being…

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Tesco broadband : doesn’t like Sussex

UPDATE: December 2008, at last, I can now access these pages from the Sussex campus. I’ll keep this short. For several years now, trying to access any information about Tesco broadband from the University of Sussex network have resulted in Tesco’s servers showing ‘Permission denied’ messages. (click image to see larger version, shows Tesco’s Broadband…

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