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Meta : blogging

I know I’m guilty in so many ways at letting work/personal intermingle in so many ways but you can categories blog posts (and probably twitter to) as one of: I’ve done something I want to share; I’ve got a view/opinion on something, and the third, related to the second, I want to reflect on something (which this post probably falls under), and I like the idea of this blog reflecting those things no matter what subject they are about. … All comments are listed together under the link to the post on Google+, and everyone can see every comment even if they don’t follow the other person (unlike twitter and, probably (it’s too hard to understand) Facebook).

WordPress tags etc

For a while I have been adding tags to my posts. Tags are good. People who tag things are good. I am Web 2.0. Only thing is they seemed to be going in to the ether, that is to say, users (that is you) had no way to see them or browse them. I was…

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