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Upsidedown is a WordPress theme design that brings blog posts rising above inverted header and footer components.

I use Dreamhost as my web host.

They are ideal for web developers and geeks who like to experiment and try out different web apps and software.

  • You get full shell access (including cron etc)
  • Use as many domains as you like and create hosts (sub-domains) for those domains. Each domain created can be fully hosted, redirected, etc. Add you can choose to use Google apps with the domain (e.g. docs.nostuff.org goes to Google Docs).
  • Because many of their customers are power users and geeks, you’ll find support and services tailored for that, such as plenty of Perl modules, Ruby on Rails, subversion, etc.
  • Full access to apache log files
  • One Click installs are useful, and include software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, Wikimedia and Gallery. Traditional ‘One Click’ installs install in to your file space, which means you can edit and add to them as needed. ‘Easy’ One clicks are fully managed for you, but you have no access to the underlying system and files.
  • Unlimited databases and email addresses, and full configuration for each of these.

Any downsides? At times, I think network response times could be quicker from the UK (they are based in California). There’s been a couple of downtime periods over the last couple of years. Normally short lived, but not 100% uptime for those who need it.

If you’re looking for web hosting then I would recommend them. I wouldn’t be with them otherwise. Using the links below you can get a discount, though as way of disclaimer, I do get a little off my next bill each time someone signs up using these links (as I see it, win win!)

To get $50 dollars off when you sign up, use the following code: NOSTUFF50

Use this link http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?338802|NOSTUFF50 to get $50 dollars off when you sign up.