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University league tables combined data

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Last year I collected the University League tables published from various sources and combined them in to one spreadsheet.

I’ve been updating this for this year, i.e. tables published in early/mid 2009 aimed at those starting in 2010.

You can see the UK Combined University league table data Google spreadsheet here and re-order as you please. I’ve updated the three ‘UK only’ lists, and will update the international lists in the near future.


  • This is a bit of fun, for my own interest. Don’t take it too seriously.
  • There are plenty of good guides to UK Higher Education including The Guardian, The Times and plenty more. Use them, not this site, if you are thinking of studying in the UK!
  • A quick glance will reveal that I have never studied statistics. In particular my made up scoring system is laughable.

You’ll find last years data in a seperate sheet, accessible via a tab at the bottom of the document. Are you able to produce anything interesting with this data?

6 responses to “University league tables combined data”

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  2. World Rankings avatar

    Combining university league tables can produce more representative result. Good work!

  3. university avatar

    I believe that statistics are useful also in this area :)

  4. UK Ranking avatar

    St Andrews is great, moving up to top 3 in the UK and ahead of Imperial in Guardian rankings. It is the best university in Scotland.

  5. Matthew avatar

    Chris, just came across this post and your top 20 universities post today. Interesting posts, especially on the variances people perceive the rankings of the universities.

    I’d encourage you or any of your readers to visit Studyfinder, a site we are dedicating to student’s opinions on their universities in the hope that it will help others when choosing where to study.

  6. Chris Keene avatar
    Chris Keene

    Thanks Matthew. Will have a look at http://studyfinder.org/

    Also came across this Economist article this morning on University league tables


    (not sure how long it will be freely available online though).