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or08: session1 (part 2)

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On the margins of scholarship

Richard Davis, Uni London Computer Centre

flickr, good example of an online document repository

“flickr for eprints”
1 – the data i enter to be used by other applications
2 – rss feeds i can use elsewhere
3 – clickable keywords, leading to similar articles in other repositories.

linnean online

demo’d images in an eprints ir, allowed photos to be previewed on the same page, bookmarks, comments.

may scan in original comments.

sneep. social networking extensions for eprints.
jisc funded, tagging, bookmarking, open source, exploit eprint objects

about giving choice, let users find it, e.g. facebook app, if we make it will it will be useful for someone (in a way we can’t predict).

web2.0 is raising expectations of what websites should do.

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