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or08: session1 part1

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again, unedited or checked. draft notes:

ian mulvany -nature (who produce connotea) – speaker.
david kane – Waterford Institute of Technology


semantic web, very useful to get data from, but hard to do and very few do it.

contributing: plan text easy, semantic web hard
data mining: semantic web easy, plain text hard.

talked about how nature are working on intergrating social tools with connotea.

“we want to connect repositories with connotea”.

connitea could act as an interchange with repositories.

showed how Waterford Institute of Technology catalogue uses tags etc, example of how social tools can be intergrated.

your signon can be a URI, like a URL or email address,
When you try to sign on with oenid, you are redirected to your openid provider (eg yahoo). Yours details
are not shared with the site you are trying to access, just keys.

security risk, one website (your open id provider) is the key to access to your details on many websites, i.e. phishing risk. something to be aware of.

of (?) allows one site to access things on another site (eg doffler access your photos on flickr) without you having to give the first site your login details for the second.

connotea now supports open id. think it is the future.