Google Street view

To read this post you first need to pop along here. [opens in a new tab]

Then go to Street view at the precise point where the pin is (where the road crosses the river).

Do it now, we’ll be waiting for you.

…You hopefully saw a bizarre view, dark warped and not clear at all what it was, but at the same time there was the street view overlay showing there was a road ahead.

Meanwhile, try to rotate to the left or right resulted in more oddness. Depending on how you do it it can feel like you are rotating around the walls of the tunnel (when you first go to Street View, pull down, i.e. so that normally in Street View you would be pulling down to move the camera up to look at the sky, you should then see the tunnel ahead, you can then drag along the top, or bottom, of the screen from left to right, or use the compass in the top left)

You might well have realised what it is. You can try using Street view a little to the right of the pin in the map where the junction is with what looks like a cul-de-sac, and then move towards the tunnel for an idea of what has happened here. The Street View Car couldn’t go through the tunnel with the cameras up so the bar with the cameras was lowered. This leaves the ‘forward’ camera facing up, and the behind camera facing the car itself. However the controls still act as if you are seeing the normal view, making it odd to control.

For info, the water is actually the Grand Union Canal. Just below this road is where the river Nene (not far from its source and still small) crosses the canal, heading towards Northampton and on to The Wash. The railway you can see is the West Coast Mainline.