Zoho and WordPress themes

Zoho.com is very impressive. The Web based Apps are of very high quality, there are many of them, and all this is such a small space of time. It makes Google Docs look rather poor. They are free (for most things), and have a business model (such a rare thing these days!).

I had checked out the Word Processor before, but today looked at the other offerings, they even have a Customer Relationship Manager and Project Management tool, the former I have no real need for (I don’t have any customers or sell anything) but good to know these are here.

It was readwriteweb.com which reminded me of Zoho. A website I need to remember to read more often than I currently do. They have some great articles (I liked the look of tinychat), and focus on writing about the latest web apps, rather than the companies behind them like techcrunch.

An aside: When I have a spare five minutes in front of the laptop I’m finding myself going to specialist news sites (and blogs) like this more and more, instead of going to my RSS reader. Seeing a long line of blogs waiting for me to read just seems like hard work. Sometimes it is nicer to just go to a website you haven’t been to for a while and see what is there. Maybe RSS readers need to work on a way of turning the long list of feeds in to something more visual: cover view, or some sort of scrolling article headlines which you could pick from? </aside>

While reading readwriteweb.com I was impressed with the readability and appearance of their font. I used firebug (which I’m really starting to find useful) to discover it was just Ariel, with a particular size and line-height.

I decided to edit this blog’s theme to use the same style, but a tiny flaw at one stage meant I had no css formatting at all after refreshing the page in my browser. The problem was quickly fixed, but I was amazed how readable the old fashioned Times New Roman on white background was, and how pleasant to read the text with the distraction of widgets and menus running down the sides. I was almost motivated to use a minimal theme with all navigation links and menus at the top or bottom.

Instead I opted to convert this blog to use the Georgia serif font instead of the previous Sans Serif Verdana. So, again using Firebug, I played with font sizes and line-heights in ems, and a few other bits and pieces until I was happy with the new look. Which I am, and hope it is ok for you too (though those of you reading via your RSS readers probably couldn’t care less).

The theme is called Greening, and I noticed the link at the bottom of this page has stopped working. So I Googled for ‘Greening theme wordpress‘ and, ummm, the first hits were to this very blog. Most odd as the Theme was quite popular and was a pre-installed option on Dreamhost. Now the theme and its owner seem to have disappeared.

If the situation doesn’t change, I may think about making the theme (and my changes) available for download from nostuff.org, with due credit to the orginal author of course.

At least I don’t have to worry about a lot of blogs using the same theme as me for now.


Chelle says:

So many good themes seem to come and go – if I find one I like I will download it even if I have no immediate use for it! This is a really nice theme though, too bad it has disappeared! Does your stylesheet have a way to contact the author? (Sometimes they will have email addresses!)

Chris Keene says:

Hi Chelle

Good point, I checked the theme details, and the top of the CSS file, and it only provides a website address, which no longer works.


RaiulBaztepo says:

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Your, Raiul Baztepo

PiterKokoniz says:

Hello !!!! :)
I am Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that I’v found your blog very interesting
And want to ask you: will you continue to post in this blog in future?
Sorry for my bad english:)
Thank you:)
Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

Krystal says:

Hey, Ive been trying to add widgets to this theme… is there any way someone can give me the mark up to this themes sidebar.php so that i can add widgets on wordpress? I really don’t know how to widgitize and my boss really wants to use this theme…