European Elections : June 4th

A quick post (my reader rejoices).

European Elections are this Thursday. I wont bore you with my long winded thoughts on the EU, but it basically sums up as: conceptually a good idea, fundamentally broken.

The world is changing, the big players include the likes of the US, China, India, Russia and Brazil. These all dwarf us little European countries, the EU can make us a voice on the international stage. Just as importantly, working together can be very good for us (and good for the economy). But at the same time, it wastes huge amounts of money, seems unaccountable and lacks a clear remit. Worst of all, the one thing that should be more important  than just about anything else – safe guarding energy natural resources – the EU failed massively on (the one pipe line which bypasses Russia which was up from grabs was bought not by the EU… but by Russia).

So who to vote for? I used a website aimed at matching your views with those of the closest mathcing parties. The closest match to me? Libertas. Liberwho? A new pan-European party who seem to basically think along the same lines: Not against the EU, but it needs a lot of fixing, limits and it needs to know it’s place.

I can’t say too much more as at the time of writing their website seems to be down Small parties can be a bit of a joke, but my brief glance of the site when it was up did not give the impression they are a bunch of nutters.

I like the Liberal Democrats overall positive approach to Europe, though would like to see a ‘we must spend carefully and make the EU more accountable’ element to their position. If the EU is to win the respect of its citizens then it needs to be able to abide by its own rules and treat each pound/euro as if it is its last. They also had the worst leaflet ever. Both visually (argh the colours) and content.

And while talking about leaflets (you weren’t?). The labour one had a cover like this:

labour leafletA stock quote, using a stock photo with some (nice English sounding) made up names. To prove this obvious point I googled for ‘Karen Barford Brighton’, and would you adam and eve it, she exists! See her Facebook profile (which at the time of writing is public accessible). Not sure if I would want to be splashed over the front page of an election leaflet, even if I was a support of one party. Still, leaflet crap, much of telling us that Gordan Brown is the man we want. a: bad call, if anything try to seperate the european labour meps from Brown and co to avoid negative associated – and  b: what has Brown got to do with Europe. There wasn’t a single photo of the candidates in question, just pictures of Brown. Stalin would be proud.