A few things I’ve created

Stats for Ezproxy

Ezproxy is a excellent simple server app for proxying websites, designed to be used by libraries which subscribe to online (web based) resources, which can only be accessed via a specified IP range (e.g. on campus). Ezproxy enables those off campus to access them.

I created a simple script a few years a go which parses the logs and tries to produce some simple statistics. However with improved statistics from online resource vendors (often complying with the COUNTER standard) I no longer use this, and therefore no improvements have been made since. link…

ircount : Repository Records Statistics

Repositories are used by Universities to store academic papers and other research outputs. ircount grabs data from ROAR to present visual and table data about repositories and the number of records they store.

Talis Platform – and simple library catalogue

Talis are a UK based library system software supplier. They have now developed a new side of the business looking at the semantic web and open data (i.e. RDF). They have developed what they call the ‘Talis Platform’ which can hold stores of RDF based meta data, allowing third party web apps and services to be built on top of this.

I had a play with getting to grips with the Platform (when I started I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and it shows!) and also built a simple library catalogue (based on the demo Talis Cenote code) which uses xslt and data from the platform.

Hmmm easy cooking

I don’t cook, but here are a couple or recipes I’ve used:


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