But who is Chris Keene?

Hello. I’m Chris Keene, I’m based in Brighton, East Sussex, UK. I work at the University of Sussex Library as the Technical Development Manager, which amongst other things includes Resource Discovery, Repositories, online content and technical innovation and integration. In reality it mainly involves drowning in email.

I enjoy Real Ale, pubs. consuming the entire web, occasionally making things on the web and things being Open (Source/Data/Access). I try to read The Economist, I run slowly. I’m a signed up Shambrarian (and run the site). I depressingly run out of things to say when describing my interests.

Originally from Northampton, I then headed to Canterbury to study (not enough) Computer Science at The University of Kent at Canterbury. Once it was time to leave, like a kid in a playground clutching on to the climbing frame, I stayed on the campus and worked in the University Library running their IT systems, websites and PCs. After a few years I left Canterbury, moving to Brighton. Over the years my job has moved away from System Administration, support, and badly written perl scripts to more about how we introduce, customise and integrate technology to meet our users needs in innovative ways, and badly written funding bids and project reports.

Libraries are all about how to discover relevant stuff and providing access to information . Both of these things are now very much online and web based (though apparently we still have books, must check them out).  The former – finding and discovering the right information – via catalogues, protocols and sharing data, and latter – accessing information – in online journals, databases, digitalisation,  e-books and websites . Along side this is a desire to see academic research, data and metadata being as open and reusable as possible, which means things like Open Access and Linked Data are quite exciting.

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Content-free since 2002, nostuff.org was originally a set of static webpages and mainly a place to put all my old websites I had created (Geocities, University personal space, ISP… if someone gave me web space, I created badly written content).

Hosted on linode since 2014. Before that it was hosted by Dreamhost from 2007ish. Dreamhost were great, and you got a lot for your money (paying a couple of years a time), unlimited shell, databases, space, etc. But I outgrew a shared hosting service.

You can say hello to me  chriskeene@gmail.com